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Orgonite Necklace Sacred Geometry

  • The symbol of the flower of life, represents a pattern that contains the information of each living being, as well as its interaction in time and space throughout the universe
  •  The flower of life is a kind of network that interconnects EVERYTHING.
  • The figure of the flower of life can be found in all religions, that is why it is said that “the creator” keeps his consciousness inside the sphere.
  •  It contains turquoise and pink quartz that protects us from negative energies.
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  • It is designed with resin, quartz, rose quartz quartz, turquoise, copper and bronze metal shavings.
  • – Size: 4 cm diameter –
  • Long necklace: 35 cm adjustable
  • – Weight: 25 grs aprox. –
  • Cord necklace in cotton, hypoallergenic Benefits of orgonite:
  • They serve to neutralize electromagnetic waves, as well as low frequency energy, usually called negative energy. In addition, they have different stones that give us their properties

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