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Orgone Necklace Flower of Life

Orgone Necklace Flower of Life

FLOWER OF LIFE NECKLACE: It is a sacred geometry symbol that represents the interconnection of everything in the universe, facilitating a greater spiritual connection and expansion of consciousness. Its geometric design emits a harmonious vibration that helps align and balance the chakra energy fields. It is a powerful symbol of protection and purification to whoever wears it. Its vibration neutralizes negative energies, harmful frequencies

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ORGONE PENDANT, favors emotional healing and inner balance. Relieving stress and anxiety.

SBB Coil amplifies the positive energy generated by crystals, balancing your chakras and giving you a constant flow of protective and healing energy.Its positive effects include the harmonization of energies, spiritual connection, protection and purification of your environment, mental and creative stimulation, and transformation of the vital force.

CRYSTALS NATURAL STONES such as Turquoise and Rose Quartz, it enhances healing and spiritual growth, strengthening the connection with universal energy. Energy protection: Turquoise and Rose Quartz are considered powerful protection amulets against negative energies and bad influences, creating an energy shield around the individual. It also improves the quality of sleep, relaxation and calms the mind, resulting in a more restful and revitalizing rest.

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