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Orgone Bracelets Bangle by Seed of Life

Orgone Bracelets Bangle by Seed of Life
It was designed with the following stones:

  • Amethyst: is considered the crystal of meditation. Provides both physical and emotional energy. Stimulates creativity, intuition and memory. Protect the person energetically from any negativity. Its vibration is with the fifth and sixth chakra
  • The moonstone: is very powerful, its vibration tunes with the second, fifth and sixth chcakra. On a physical level, it is linked to the entire female reproductive system. On an emotional level, balance and stabilize your emotions. And from the mental level, bring calm.
  • Rose quartz: is a stone of love in all its versions.

    This orgone was designed with a purpose, to balance our emotions and mind. To have a life in harmony. It is a beautiful gift, full of meaning .

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Orgone Bracelets Bangle by Seed of Life

Raise your vibration, through the protection of negative energies that natural stones give you.
Improve your integral well-being,since they are designed with the purpose of balancing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
Protects from EMF, radiation-emitting devices such as cell phones, Wi-Fi antennas and network towers.
Made to measure, the bracelets has an adjustable cord.
Syntonize with your orgone, each one is designed with symbols that contain their own meaning.
It does not produce allergies to metals,since they are inside the resin.
100% handmade, with natural crystals, recycled metals and copper coil.

Each of our orgonite bracelets are made with a mixture of metals (copper, bronze, aluminum and tin), stones (amethyst, moonstone and pink quartz) and resin. These 3 components are believed to work together to raise your vibration and the one from the environment, transmuting negative energy into positive

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