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Orgonite Necklace Tree of Life

The symbol of the tree of life represents the union of the earth with the sky

Contains the following stones:

  • Eye of the tiger, its vibration gives us confidence and security as well as helps us fight fear and anger. Tune in to our first chackra.
  • Malachite It will help us transform our negative energy as well as the bad vibrations of our environment into something positive and beneficial for our destiny. It will help you to break those bonds of dependency and attachment that do not let you advance on the path of your dreams. It is believed that its energy helps us activate all the chakras, although, in a more special way, the heart and the throat.
  • Green quartz attracts prosperity and hope, tunes in with our fourth chakra (heart)This orgone was designed with a single purpose, to gain confidence in our life, heal our wounds of the heart to be able to open ourselves to the divine. It is a beautiful gift, full of meaning.
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Orgonite Necklace Tree of Life

Raise your vibration, through the protection of negative energies that natural stones give you.
Improve your integral well-being,.
Made to measure, the necklace has an adjustable cord so you can wear it however you want.
Use it as you want, as the orgone is perforated, you can change the cord yourself for that necklace that you like so much.
Syntonize with your orgone, each one is designed with symbols that contain their own meaning.
It does not produce allergies to metals,since they are inside the resin.
100% handmade, with natural crystals, recycled metals and copper coil.

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