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Orgonite Necklace, original

With colored tourmaline, fluorite and rose quartz.

Amulet of protection, EMF, yoga, meditation, reiki.

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Orgonite Necklace, origina

l Contains: resin, with colored tourmaline, fluorite and rose quartz and metals. Size: 4 cms in diameter. Length: 35 cm adjustable to the extent you want. Perforated Orgonite, being able to use it in another type of necklace. Cord necklace in cotton, hypoallergenic. Weight: 15 grs aprox. Fluorite benefits: -Its vibration has the power to neutralize cellular radiation. -Increase concentration -It helps to sleep -It fights anxiety and stress. -Expand our conscience -it brings meaning to our life -corresponds to the upper 4 chakras. Benefits orgonite: Neutralizes the magnetic waves in your sun Delete the static energies and protect from low enegies. They contribute the property of the minerals, colors and simbols. Chile handmade

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