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Orgone Necklace by Seed of Life

  • SACRED GEOMETRY Design Seed of Life, sacred symbol, with a deep meaning, being a representation of the interconnection of life and the universe. Seed of Life can have rejuvenating effects and connect us with our higher consciousness, helping to harmonize the energies and vibrations around us.
  • CHACKRAS STONES, crystals and natural gems that give a unique meaning to each orgonite design.
  • Contains; Turquoise, known to strengthen the energy field.
  • Moonstone, which promotes clarity, intuition and balance.
  • Rose Quartz, the crystal of love and calm.
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Orgonite necklace by Seed of Life

Contains: resin, rose quartz, turquoise, moon and metals.

Size: 4 cms in diameter.

Length: 35 cm adjustable as you wish. Orgonite perforated, being able to take it in another type of necklace. Cord necklace in cotton, hypoallergenic.

Weight: 25 grs aprox.


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