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Orgone Necklace Yin Yang

YIN YANG DESING – An ancient symbol that represents duality and balance in nature. By using it, you connect with the cosmos and its primordial energy.

SBB Coil Cooper amplifies the positive energy generated by the crystals, balancing your chakras and giving you a constant flow of protective and healing energy.

Always Protected. Protection against negativity and that of your environment with your orgonite pendant.

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Orgone Necklace Yin Yang

BLACK TOUMALINE: With Chakra Stones that give a unique meaning to each orgonite design. Includes: Black Tourmaline one of the most powerful protection crystals, it is responsible for transmuting negative energy into positive energy, creating a protective shield and a harmonious environment for those who wear it.

SELENITE: its vibration gives you mental clarity and the opening of the third eye or crown chakra. This can facilitate a deeper connection to the spiritual realm and enhance intuition and psychic perception. Chakra Alignment and Energy Healing: In crystal healing practices, selenite is used to align and balance the 7 chakras, facilitating the free flow of energy throughout the body and promoting general well-being and spiritual growth.

The adjustable cord necklace allows you to place your orgone pendant over the heart chakra, plexus chakra or throat chakra to protect it however you like. You can also use it as a choker its size 1.10 inches. It is small and light which adapts to any style

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